Project Description

Client: Building Management and Works

Location: Everingham Street, Carine

Completed: April 2014

Cost: $4,300,000

Hodge Collard Preston were commissioned by Building Management and Works (BMW) to undertake the design, documentation and contract administration of the new Year 7 facility, in accordance with the Department of Education’s Year 7 Facility Brief.

Hodge Collard Preston, in a collaborative process with all stakeholders, assessed the site and tested a number of areas within the school to locate the building, before deciding on a dilapidated asphalt area bounded by mature trees overlooking the school oval.

The form of the Building sees a layering of ‘Ribbon Frames’, capturing the internal spaces while also providing a number of informal covered outdoor spaces.

The use of polished concrete panels and polished concrete blocks provide a robust but inviting environment centered on learning.