Project Description

Client: Hickory Group

Location: Forrest Circle, Port Hedland

Completed: 2014

Cost: Confidential

Hodge Collard Preston designed and documented the Concorde Modular Apartments in South Hedland which was the first Multi Storey Modular Apartment building in Western Australia.

Our brief was to design a cost effective, modular efficient, innovative apartment development.

Hodge Collard Preston worked with Fender Katsalidis Architects during the schematic design stage and obtained the development approval through the JDAP process.
Hodge Collard Preston continued to document the project working with Hickory Modular in Victoria utilizing their bespoke prefabrication system.

The building contains 77 apartments constructed from 110 modules. The modules where constructed in Victoria complete with internal fit outs and external facades, assembled onsite in 9 days. The modules where then ‘complexed’ over the following months.