Project Description

Client: REIWA

Location: Hay Street, Subiaco

Completed: 2013

Cost: $7,900,000

The project seeks to provide the streetscape with a more sophisticated condition where the street setback is minimised while maintaining a sense of relief to the elevation at both human and urban scales. The project seeks to lead future development through this arterial zone in a more contemporary direction with respect to the density of use of the site and the available building envelope.

The client brief called for intelligent construction methods to achieve an energy efficient solution and made a commitment to achieve a 4.5-star National Australian Built Environmental Rating System (NABERS) rating. Interim analysis of the results to date show that the building is currently achieving a rating of 5-star, confirming the design decisions made relating to the environmental aspects have exceeded the client’s expectations.

The project co-locates all the REIWA functions into one facility to minimise duplication of amenities and technological requirements. Due to the design’s ability to maximise the yield from the site, REIWA was able to sell excess land which could be set off against the project cost.

The project includes a tenancy that has been leased to another property related business and the REIWA conference facilities are available to businesses and the wider community and will cater for a range of uses and numbers of participants. The project incorporates state of the art audio-visual equipment that seamlessly integrates input from any number of devices and formats through an intelligent hub to all of the meeting spaces.

The lighting, security, climate control and data needs of the facility were integrated with a building management system not usually seen outside the CBD. The system gives the occupants full control over the systems to allow monitoring of their performance against targets set in place to achieve their NABERS commitment, which is currently being exceeded.