Project Description

Client: Shire of Busselton

Location: Harris Road, Busselton WA

Completed: October 2012

Cost: $6,500,000

The Busselton-Dunsborough Community Resource Centre will provide a hub for non-profit organisations servicing the needs of the community. The contemporary design features sustainable design initiatives and will promote environmentally sensitive design. Environmental features proposed to be included in the centre include: solar panels and energy efficient lighting to reduce energy consumption; insulation, screening and louvers to reduce solar heat gain; rainwater and grey water recycling with waterwise landscaping; green walls to provide shading and all combine to reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

The Busselton-Dunsborough Community Resource Centre seeks to provide a character reflecting the Shire’s vision for more sustainable design and establishing the Shire as a leader in design excellence.

Library Extension: The proposed library extension will be seamlessly integrated into the existing library, catering for the Shire’s population growth. The project will include additions to the existing building to create a precinct of community facilities that are linked visually through the use of similar design elements.